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700lb XL Scale 44x22

700lb XL Scale 44x22

This is the largest of the  platform scales we carry. 

The pic with the goat on scale is the xl for size comparison. She was 190 lbs in the pic. (last pic)

Tired of guessing what your animal weighs? Here's the solution.
Keep track of growing kids

Know what the animal weighs for proper doses of meds

Get full weight value of your animals when its time to sell.

They come with a 2 yr manufacture warranty!!

*****NO P.O. BOXES***** ( USA only) Message for shipping arrangements to other countries

 Pre-Calibrated -
2 year manufacturer warranty –
Easy to use and calibrate!700 x 0.2 lb capacity animal Accurately weigh from 0.2 LB to 700 LBS.
Zero function.
Anycal software installed allowing you to calibrate the scale with any known weight.
Weigh in pounds or kilograms .
Weighs in increments of 1/5 of a pound for highly accurate weights.
Powered by an A/C adapter (included) or D/C ( AA BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)
High quality stainless steel construction top Includes non-slip rubber mat, rollers, and handle. 44 x 22 inch weighing platform.
4 adjustable feet for easy leveling
Steel handle and built in wheels for easy portability.
1+ inch high LCD digits on indicator for easy viewing.
5 foot long cable on indicator with mounting brackets
. Automatic on/off feature.
Automatic back light feature.
Hold feature displays the weight after animal or package is removed from scale.

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